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About Us


Founded by a team of child developmental professionals passionate about maximizing human potential, BrainFit Studio has been dedicating itself to bring you the most up-to-date and scientific brain fitness training programmes since 2001. This is a company built upon by the hopes and joys of children and their parents, whose lives have changed dramatically through the understanding of how brain fitness training works.

What is brain fitness and why are we so passionate about it, you may ask.

“Brain fitness” is really another term for cognitive or learning skills like memory and attention. We prefer the term “brain fitness” because it implies that we can improve it, much like physical fitness. Indeed, recent discoveries from brain research have shown that our brains can improve, at whatever age we may be. This awesome potential of our brain to improve, known as “neuroplasticity” is the basis behind our work here in BrainFit Studio. Using a combination of programmes from the USA and Australia as well as our own proprietary programmes, we aim to enhance and strengthen your child’s brain fitness (and indeed your own!) for learning..

Why are we so passionate about brain fitness?

Recent brain scan studies that try to map human intelligence in the brain have revealed this. The brain architecture of both human general intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) involves a network of interconnections among a few critical brain areas, namely attention & working memory, language, visual and body perception. At Brainfit Studio, these 4 areas, what we call our brain pillars, are precisely our training focus. Here, we have always known that we can improve learning abilities, we can change behaviours and we can impact IQ scores, but we didn’t understand exactly what was going on in the brain. Now we know the reason why! These changes are a result of us building and enhancing our IQ and EQ brain networks. We are building more intelligent brains!

Now wouldn’t you be excited?


As a trusted brain fitness specialist since 2001, BrainFit® Studio aims to transform lives by improving learning capabilities, boosting performance, shaping behaviours and increasing intelligence through high-quality evidence-based neuroscientific cognitive training programmes.